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Better Bird Is Helping To End Breast Cancer

We wanted to be part of a cause that benefited the buyers of outdoor pet food, and breast cancer was a clear choice. It is one of the world’s most important health issues, and one that is near and dear to our own hearts. Consequently, then, the makers of Better Bird (D & D Commodities Ltd.) and the American Cancer Society® are working together to raise breast cancer awareness and save more lives. If you’d like to learn more about the

American Cancer Society®, visit their website at

Join Us In The Fight

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of our support for the American Cancer Society. We’ve donated $100,000 every year since 2009, and $1 million overall. 

D & D Commodities’ million-dollar investment in the American Cancer Society has helped to save more lives from cancer. This investment can provide: 

The Society does not endorse any specific product. D & D Commodities Ltd. pays a royalty to the Society for the use of its logo.

Employer’s Support Of The Society Takes On New Meaning For Survivor

Cean Laverty

D & D Commodities Ltd. is celebrating 30 years of producing premium food and treats for caged and wild birds, small animals, and other outdoor pets. During that time, they’ve grown to become an industry leader with product sales and distribution nationwide. While D & D Commodities is a small company based in northern Minnesota that employs fewer than 100 people, they’re looking to make a big impact.

Since 2009, D & D Commodities has donated approximately $800,000 to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer efforts through a logo licensure agreement with the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer program. In turn, they’ve featured the Making Strides logo on their Better Bird, 3-D Pet Products and Wild Delight brands year-round. So when employee Cean Laverty was diagnosed with breast cancer, she soon discovered just how supportive the D & D family would be during a difficult time in her life.

Cean was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011 at age 50, after spending two years as a caregiver for her mother who was fighting ovarian cancer. When Laverty scheduled her mammogram, it was more than just a doctor’s appointment – it was because she made a promise to her mother. “I was 50 and had never had a mammogram – I was well overdue,” Cean stated. “My mom saved my life.”

After a successful lumpectomy in January 2012, she started radiation only five days after her mom passed away. Cean would undergo 35 rounds of radiation over seven weeks, all while continuing to work full-time at D & D Commodities. “It means the world to me – how much support they gave me,” Cean added. “When going through an illness like cancer, everyone worries about job security. All they [D & D Commodities staff] wanted to know was how I was doing. It made me feel more secure.”

Cean is now a five-year survivor who advocates early detection and a healthy lifestyle. She’s also grateful for the partnership between D & D Commodities and the Society. “I’m very proud that D & D supports the American Cancer Society – you’re doing a great job.”

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