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North American finches are small vocal birds that can be found in a variety of habitats across the continent. Finches exist everywhere from northern forests and the arctic tundra to the dry deserts of the southwest. Finches have cone-shaped beaks and notched tails. They are also known for having distinct flight calls. Some finches, like the Pine Siskin, are well camouflaged with shades of streaky brown, while others are bright and boldly colored like goldfinches and grosbeaks.

There are 17 species of finches in North America. Some species in the finch family, like the American Goldfinch, are widespread and common, while others are rarer and only occur in specific habitats, like the three species of rosy-finch which prefer alpine tundra. Pine and Evening Grosbeaks are large colorful finches that inhabit northern forests. The goldfinches are represented by three species, Lesser Goldfinch and Lawrence’s Goldfinch in the west, and the ubiquitous American Goldfinch whose range extends coast to coast. The House Finch is also very common across the continent and is often confused for its less numerous cousins, the Purple Finch and Cassin’s Finch. Our three species of crossbills have unique beaks that overlap so that they can extract seeds from the cones of coniferous trees. The Common and Hoary Redpolls rule the north by nesting far above the Arctic Circle and only moving southward when food is scarce.

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