WBFI Quality Standards Recognition

WBFILogo06Recently, the Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI) Board of Directors chose to award special recognition to D & D Commodities Ltd. as one of the nation’s pioneers in adopting the WBFI Quality Standards Program. These standards ensure that outdoor pet foods displaying the WBFI Quality Standards logo meet stringent requirements set forth with a singular purpose: to guarantee that these products meet recognized guidelines and are actually consumed by the outdoor pets that they identify.

In a letter to D & D Commodities Ltd., WBFI President Reggie Vanden Bosch says, “In the years that the WBFI Standards Committee has worked on the development of the definitions for the seeds and the identification of the attributes of the feeders included in the WBFI Quality Standards Program, this has been our guiding principle: to enhance the experience of the consumer… I personally commend you and congratulate you for being among the first to enroll in the WBFI Quality Standards Program.”

To learn more about the WBFI Quality Standards Program, go online to www.wbfi.org.

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